An Introduction to Flow Metering – Custody – Fiscal – Allocation The Technologies used for flow metering have changed dramatically in recent years. This course reviews and compares the new with the old, particularly with respect to high-accuracy custody-transfer, fiscal and allocation.


Flow Meter Proving, Calibration & Metrology
Keeping the accuracy at the highest level reduces giveaway and maximizes profitability. The subject matter here is how the accuracy is initially determined, how meters and systems are calibrated versus the technology used.


Flow Metering Standards
International standards, national regulations, company standards and procedures – they all have the same goal. How they compare to each other and how to meet these standards is the focus of this course.


Flow Metering Quality Measurement Calibrated under standardised conditions, all metering systems will react differently on-site once exposed to process conditions. With time their performance can deteriorate. This course shows how to determine and maintain the metering quality.


Flow Metering Systems Design & Engineering How to assess the value of a system design and its engineering? Learn how to judge if it fulfils the specifications, and how to elaborate and implement alternatives that will perform better, cost less to run and be easier to maintain.


Flow Meters – Custody – Fiscal – Allocation Which meters for which situation? This course tells you which factors are important, and what you need to consider for the product being measured.


Flow Computers & Systems
Flow computers increasingly provide features of supervisory systems. What should be considered in today’s scenario?


Operation & Maintenance
Routine, emergency, preventive or predictive maintenance are decisions that have an important effect on downtimes, costs and performance. How can data acquisition provide the basis to maximize your productive output?