“Bringing metering knowledge to the business”

The Oil & Gas production chain is a long and complex process from upstream exploration through to downstream distribution. During this process the product is transferred and handled from one user to another in a wide variety of facilities ranging from slug catchers, separators, terminals to pipeline, (underground) storage, loading, refineries and LNG plants.

On entering and exiting these facilities the exact quantities of product needs to be measured. It’s at these exact moments that metering systems play a vital role. All measurement points produce crucial data in the process druing which product, technology and finance meet. Even the smallest mismeasurement can have a vast impact.

Custody Transfer Metering Systems are often construed as the cash registers of the industry. They play a vital role within the organization. Multiple parties are involved and all have an interest in the measurement results. This varies from producers and refiners to pipeline companies, service companies, independent marketers and government agencies. Even within companies, accurate hydrocarbon measurement is vital to the correct handling and transfer of oil and gas. The need for meticulous design, operation and maintenance of these systems are therefore of critical economical importance to all parties involved.

FYC can be your (engineering) support partner for a variety of flow measurement applications.


Our clients :

  • Governments and local governmental regulatory bodies/agencies
  • Oil & Gas producing companies
  • Engineering Contractors
  • System Integrators
  • Equipment Manufacturers

We have vast experience in custody transfer metering of crude oils, refined products, condensate LNG, LPG, natural gas and wet gas. Our engineers have gained their experience in many sides of the industry from research and development companies, manufacturers, engineering companies, governmental calibration authorities and international petrochemical companies worldwide.