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The professionals at FYC Engineering, Inc. have an extensive history of designing all aspects of electric facilities, as well as their supporting communications and automation infrastructure, required to deliver reliable power from the generation bus to commercial and industrial equipment. The diversity in disciplines and expertise of our engineers and technicians, combined with our project management knowledge, allow PSE to provide professional designs on a comprehensive level.

The end-products of our designs can be found throughout the United States and include substations, transmission and distribution lines, utility automation facilities, SCADA systems, communication infrastructure, and commercial and industrial electric distribution facilities.

FYC is fully capable of supporting our clients on a wide variety of projects from large projects with complex requirements to small projects that require cost-effective solutions. We utilize the latest available technologies in order to be efficient and accurate with our designs, stay current with leading industry standards, allow for seamless transfer of project files, and provide clear communication with our clients. Our growing branch offices allow for more efficient project site review and client interface.

The FYC team can lead or assist your utility with the following types of design work :

Commercial and Industrial Facilities Electrical Design

  • Lighting Design
  • Motor Controls and Automation
  • Power Distribution Design
  • Special Systems Design

Communications Infrastructure

  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Microwave
  • Migration to IP Networks
  • Mobile Voice and Data
  • Point-to-Multipoint Data
  • Protocols
  • Wireless Spectrum Design and Acquisition


  • Bench Testing Services

Transmission and Distribution Line and Substation Design

  • Construction Management and Inspection
  • Design and Construction Standards
  • Distribution Line Design and Staking
  • Equipment Standards and Specifications
  • Substation Design
  • Transmission Line Design

Utility Automation

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Distribution Automation
  • Substation Automation