Electrical Engineering Study

The power infrastructure, from generation resources to the electric grid to on-premise wiring and electrical equipment, is a complex system that requires extensive analysis to operate efficiently and effectively. FYC Engineering, Inc.  responds to this need by offering a variety of electrical engineering studies in the areas of resource facilities (including wind farms), transmission and distribution facilities, and commercial and industrial facilities. Our engineers and technicians have significant experience in the study of electric power facilities for utility systems and commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States.

FYC studies are used to support budgets, rates, regulatory filings, and testimony, as well as to support the operations, planning, maintenance, and protection of systems. Our engineers and technicians utilize a significant library of power system software modeling tools including PSS®E, CYME®, Milsoft®, ETAP®, SKM®, and PSE-customized applications along with other analytical and mapping tools such as SAS®, ThermCap®, ESRI®, and AutoCAD®.

FYC applies proven approaches that are technically sound and develops new concepts that require out-of-the-box thinking which we tailor to meet our clients’ individual needs. We routinely work with all stakeholders including field staff, engineers, non-technical senior management, board of directors, regulators, litigators, and the public. All of this combined with our proficient skills in technical writing results in readable reports that are easy to follow and apply.

The FYC team can lead or assist your utility with the following types of electrical engineering study work:

Commercial and Industrial Facilities Electrical Design

  • Commercial and Industrial Key Accounts
  • Coordination and Arc Flash Studies
  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Motor Controls and Automation
  • Power Quality Investigations and Solutions

Engineering and Operations Support

  • Power Quality Investigations for Utilities
  • Project Management
  • Voltage Flicker/Motor Starting Analysis

Transmission and Distribution System Planning

  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Distributed Generation Interconnection Studies
  • Distribution Construction Work Plan
  • Distribution Long Range Plan
  • Distribution Loss Reduction Studies
  • Distribution (Power Factor Correction) Studies
  • Distribution Sectionalizing and System Protection Studies
  • Transmission Power Flow Studies
  • Transmission Reactive Compensation Studies
  • Transmission Stability Studies
  • Transmission System Impact Studies
  • Value of Service Studies and System Reliability Studies
100 Combined Years of Experience

Our engineering professionals are active with the latest technologies, bringing with them over 100 combined years of experience in successfully producing all types of T&D system planning studies.

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