“We share our knowledge to secure your success”

he performance of the metering installations is highly dependant on the skill and knowledge of the people operating it. Beside the normal operation and maintenance activities, metering systems and all related processes need special attention and understanding.

Training ensures that engineers, managers and technicians keep in tune with progress in the oil and gas industry. To ensure measurement operations are maximised, there is a need to know which technologies are emerging and which have new and improved alternatives. FYC assists its clients to stay up to date by sharing knowledge and giving direct access to experiences and examples of global successes. All these give you the edge over your competitors throughout the world.


Our training and education services include :

  • Class room and hands-on training
  • Coaching programs for metering custodians
  • Development programs including evaluation and selection
  • Bespoke training written to meet specific client requirements

to perform and achieve maximise revenues.